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Essential Tips For Road Trip Radiance


This summer, whether you’re hitting the road belting out “Life is a Highway!!!” or you’re frequenting airports, there’s no doubt that travelling can wreak havoc on your skin.

I know from experience – being 35,000 feet in the air or 14 hours on the road. You look in the mirror and you’re like


Luckily, somewhere along the way, I became an expert on this topic (who woulda thought!) and I’ve got some tips for you that will save you no matter where you go! 


TIP 1: No Make-Up For The Long Haul

Seriously ladies. This is really important. If you’re embarking on a long journey from point A to B – put the make-up down. Allow this time for your skin to rest. If you’re like me and have loved this stuff since childhood, then I can excuse some concealer (not foundation! lol) to camouflage some tired eyes but that’s about it!


TIP 2: Restore and Hydrate that Epidermis

No make-up equals a great time to hydrate. Of course that means drinking as much lemon water as possible but I also use these few secret natural beauty solutions. 

Witch Hazel:  A natural astringent, it’s a fantastic toner and really brightens up your face.

Coconut oil: I usually add lavender essential oil (calming) or orange essential oil (tightening) to mine. You can wash your face with it and use it as a moisturizer. An amount the size of dime is more then enough and it will give you a great dewy glow. 

My go to skin tamers one the road

On the Plane: I put these two along with some cotton balls and my toothbrush/toothpaste in a little travel bag. They are on the top of my carry on so when I go to settle into my seat I can just throw them in the seat pocket in front of me.  Usually on a long fight I will use water, witch hazel and coconut oil 2-3 times. 

On The Road: Road Trips can be slightly messier and slightly hotter at times. On the road I actually store my witch hazel in a cooler to keep it chilled. It’s a nice little pick me up after a long drive. As for the coconut oil I usually store it in an air tight jar and keep it some where in the car. Since the oil can turn semi solid I keep it warm so it stays liquified and is easier to apply when I need it. 


Blog Note: I plan to do a more detailed blog on these amazing beauty finds once I’m back from Italy!  


TIP 3: Travel Make-up Should be Glowly, Radiant and Natural (ish) 

Especially in the summer. I know there are some ladies out there that won’t go out without the couture and then there’s some who wouldn’t even think to bring make-up and you know what – that’s cool. 

But the truth is, when you travel, you always have at least one moment where you want to look extra radiant.

I’m about to head on a two week road trip to Italy. For us, that means we will be driving a lot and sleeping in tent wherever we choose. We will visit epic cities and have epic dinners. We will be beach bums and explore ruins. It’s July so it’s going to be hot and sticky. It will be our perfect balance of budget friendly with a side of the finer things. 

When I’m in the city having a nice dinner or doing a renegade photo shoot as I’m very known to do – I want to look radiant lol. I want to look like I haven’t driven for hours or slept in rando fields (which I love doing and do a lot lol). 


Here’s My Go To Beauty Kit On The Road:

Minimal Travel Beauty Kit for a Dewy Glow

Quo Colour Corrector- I have dark circle insecurities like big time! This stuff has been my go to gold for many years. It’s a Canadian product but any type of colour correcting concealer works. I love this one because it has the various correctors for dark circles [yellow] redness [green] to brighten [purple] and a base colour. My dark circles tend to run between brownish and red so depending on the day I usually wear the yellow or green base concealer.

Note: I use a damp beauty sponge to blend concealer in. It’s a great trick and a must do! 

Mac shadow in Arena-  I opt for a light shadow to cover my whole lid from lash to brow. It’s a neutral colour so it looks natural but its a light colour that brightens the eye area and makes it look lifted. We want to look awake even when we are not! That is the goal!

Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner in Brown- You know, for years and years I wore black cat-eye style liner. I just loved it. All of a sudden around 29 it just started to look too heavy on my face. It wasn’t doing what it used too. I didn’t want to give up liner though…because my eyes are like – my thing, so I tried a brown liner and behold it was the perfect transition. I still get the nice cat eye look but the colour is less harsh and it actually opens up my eye way more then black ever did. 

L’Oreal Butterfly Sculpt Mascara- Clearly I’m about the eye pop. However, I haven’t found a life long mascara I could commit to yet. For now I’m using this Voluminous Butterfly Sculpt Mascara from L’Oreal. The wand leaves something to be desired but over all it’s not bad.


The important things to remember when buying a travel mascara is to make sure it’s waterproof. I would also go for a lighter black or even a dark brown. 

Sephora Sun Disk Bronzer- This is a new purchase for me and I’m honestly loving it! I’m quite picky when it comes to bronzer. I want a glow, I don’t want to look like I just game back from a German Sparkle Party (unless I’m actually AT a German Sparkle Party!) and so many bronzers are so filled with faux gold dust I feel like I will chock on it! This Sephora bronzer is nice because it’s matte with a hint of shimmer and it has a beautiful peach blush in the centre that adds to the glow. The idea is to lightly dust the apples of your cheeks, your temples and your chin for natural dewy look. I also use this in the creases of my eyelid if I want to add some drama to my eyes. 

Burt’s Bees Lipstick in Blush – Man I love this stuff. MAN OH MAN do I love this stuff! I’m more of an eyes person when it comes to make-up and I usually just wear sheer lip balm (also Burt’s Bees) but I recently found this amazing new lipstick and I wanted to give it a go. Normally I have to apply some chap stick before I even attempt a lipstick but this stuff is actually and truly silky smooth. It glides on easily, has a hint of blush colour and actually feels like it’s moisturizing my lips as much as their lip balm does. Good good stuff this is. 

Now if I’m out for the day I will typically rock this make-up minus the eyeliner. In the evening if I’m trying to spice it up I’ll add the liner and bronzer in my lid crease for some added depth. 


TIP 4: Brushes –  Only Take What You Need

Brushes are a good thing in my opinion. They are the best way to apply make-up so it has depth and still looks natural and light. I have an entire brush kit bit when I travel I only take these 4 essentials. 

Wide shadow brush – for all over eyeshadow application

Crease brush – for adding some depth to my eyes

Large blush brush – for all over bronzer action

Small Angle brush – for pretty cat eye eyeliner 

Beauty on the road - Essential brushes

TIP 5: Don’t be Lazy – Wash your face girl! 

I guess that says it all doesn’t? Don’t worry I have to tell myself this ALL.THE.TIME. It’s tempting after a busy day of sight seeing and god knows what to just crash out…but take the make-up off. Just do it. Do I even need to tell you why? 


So here it is! My road map (ha!) to glorious travel beauty where ever you go!!! I hope this is helpful for all my vacation/travel/adventure ladies out there.  

This is Part 1 of 2 Part Series!! 

I am going to attempt to actually do beauty on the road make-up tutorial while on my Road trip through Italy! Keep an eye out for a video coming soon!

Ooo and also, if you know of a good mascara I should test out lemme know! 



    1. Sarah

      This is such a great guide! I love that you go the minimalist route. I’m the same way. Plus, having soooo many products takes up too much space in my suitcase and I’m a chronic overpacker 🙂

      I hope you’re enjoying Italy! I’ll be there in a few weeks time too!


      22 . Sep . 2016
      • Tegan

        Italy was amazing Sarah! Now I’ve gearing up for my next big adventure to Ireland – which will be a whole other ball game. Very excited to figure out what to pack and how I will tweak my beauty regime. How did your trip to Italy go???

        19 . Jan . 2017

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