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Hello! Do come in ūüôā A little note to say thank you and welcome to The Travel Curve

Hey Everyone!

My name is Tegan and I’m the explorer, author, and curator¬†of this blog.

I¬†¬†wanted to say hello – Welcome Welcome – and thanks for checking us out! At The Travel Curve I’m chatting about Travel, Travel Fashion and a little bit of Beauty peppered in for good measure!


Whether you want to do it yourself or live vicariously, all are options here! Come along with me as I venture to the world’s beautiful cities, country sides, oceans and seas.

If you’ve followed my personal blog you joined me last summer as I took an epic 27,000km road trip across ¬†the United States and Canada. If you follow Diane Kroe’s blog you’ve been watching me transition as I took the leap from living in Toronto and moving to France for a whole new journey with my adventure partner and love of my life Micka√®l. Now that I’m settled in my new city of Toulouse France, come with me as I discover my local surroundings and all the European goodness this continent has to offer!


As a full-size 12 model, I’ve had incredible opportunities to walk runways, work on commercials and pose for editorials . I’ve met incredible women who inspire and support diversity in fashion and have worked with some truly talented designers.

It’s not secret, when you’re curvy, sometimes clothing can be kind of a challenge. Even more so, when you’re a thick chick wanting to explore or catch a beach somewhere –THERE IS ALWAYS SO MUCH PLANNING that goes into what to wear.

Well I wanna make that a bit easier for you. As someone who has traveled to 4 major continents and a whole bunch of cities, countrysides and beaches in the past 4 years – I’ve got this whole Full-Figure¬†Travel Fashion thing down to a science!

Full Disclosure: Of course in this section I will be frequently singing the praises of my long time friend and client¬†Diane Kroe and her travel collection – but that’s just because it’s that flipping good and more people need to know. Especially more Plus-size ladies need to know!


Beauty means a lot of things to me. Sure maybe it’s an eyeliner tip or two but it’s also how you take care and what you give your body. I will be exploring beauty on the road and in the sky. From making your own moisturizers to how to look incredible even if you’ve been travelling for 10hrs!

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